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When I first started my research (in 1997) my focus was centered on understanding the historical evolution of world best performances by athletes who accomplished their feats past the age of 30. In 1997 Linford Christie and Merlene Ottey, both 37 years old, were still at the peak of their careers. I asked myself whether they were isolated examples, or if they were creating a new era in accomplishing feats later in their careers than other athletes had done in the past.
My first theory was that Ottey and Christe were exceptions, but this new trend which started in the Eighties, is that athletes are able to sustain world dominance later into their careers because Track and Field first became a professional sport.
The next question I asked myself was if in the Seventies other top athletes extended their careers to more than 30 years of age staying at the top of the world.
Look at the table up: you'll find the answer.

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