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I was born on 15th november 1969. I'm living in Massa Lombarda, Emilia-Romagna (Northern Italy). E-mail: imiani@racine.ra.it

December 1997, University of Siena (Central Italy) - Degree in Communication Sciences, with a specialization in "Communication Technologies". My thesis was done on scientific visualization.
March 2006, University of Ferrara (Northern Italy) - Master in e-Learning.

After graduating, I made a dream come true by going abroad to England (Fleet, Hampshire) where I worked for half a year in the capacity of technical translator in a company that produces abrasive belt grinding machines. I also was involved in designing marketing projects and providing assistance with office administration.
Returning to Italy at the end of 1998, I tried several different jobs, not finding exactly what I was looking for. Finally, I decided toÝtry something related to theÝInternet.
Since Autumn 1999 I've been living a totally wired existence: I get the news from the Net, I release my statistic research on my personal site (this one!) and, obviously, I work. In 2000/2001 I worked as web designer in Bologna (the chief-town of Emilia-Romagna); and in 2003 I started doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other website-related marketing actions (and I like that much more!).
At the same time I started a journalistic activity by writing stories for a local monthly review. In 2006 I started to collaborate with a daily named "La Voce di Romagna".


Since I was a kid, I have enjoyedÝlistening to the music of the Seventies includingÝfunky and disco, Seventies' electronic music, English New Wave, Fusion, andÝAcid Jazz.
My favourite sport isÝtrack and field. I have participated in 100/200 metre events, and the Long and Triple JumpÝfrom the time I was aÝteen-ager. In Fall 2005 I started practicing on Pole Vault.
In addition, since that time I also enjoy going to the football stadium and supporting my favourite team: A. C. Cesena (currently in second Division). In recent years I started supporting Imola's basketball team (currently in second Division too).
After finishing University, I enjoy reading books and publishing on my Italian-spoken site a monthly review about books related to Communication Sciences.
I'm fond of salsa dancing (especially Puerto Rican style). I go clubbing every week.
Last but not least, I'm the author of a large statistical research about athletics: "World Age Records". And I'm proud of it!

In Fall 2004 I started to collaborate to Italian version of Wikipedia.

I had been living in Rome between July 2006 and July 2007. I worked as Instructional designer for an on-line university: Unimarconi.

Currently, I'm living in Imola, a nice town 15km far from Massa Lombarda, where I'm working as agent for Telecom (fixed and mobile phone, ADSL) and Enel (electricity and natural gas generation and distribution).

Last update: 7 August 2009