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Reference book: ATFS Annuals.
1. Only performances good for the Olympics can be records by age.
Olympic Qualifying Standards
2. Up to the year 2000, only outdoor results were valid for the Olympics. Starting from 2001 both indoor and outdoor marks are good for the Olympics. So I consider indoor marks from 2001 on.
3. Olympic Standards' duration: four years (from the year before the Olympics to the second year after).
1983-1987; 2003-2006
4. Only the best mark per year for each age is considered.
5. My research starts from - at least - the best result before 1977.
6. Automatic timing before 1972 was unofficial, consequently I don't admit electric results before 1972.
Application of IAAF's 0.24 seconds rule
7. Marks subsequent to drugs disqualification and all marks made by life-banned athletes are excluded.
Drug Bans
8. Chinese Games results are not included.
1993 Beijing; 1997 Shanghai;2001 Ghuangzhou.

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